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Our Swietelsky

Swietelsky AG is one of the leading companies in the Austrian construction industry. We are proud of the 12,000 Swietelskys in 21 countries who daily strive to make our world a little better. Day by day. Step by step. On a large and small scale. We build better solutions for a better future. For and with people. Because we Swietelskys are convinced that those who work with fulfilment live better lives.

In addition to the four core markets of Austria, Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic, we are also building a more sustainable future in 17 other countries – from Australia to the UK – together with our subsidiaries. We cover all areas of construction, such as building construction, civil engineering, road and bridge construction, railway construction and tunnel construction. We have also developed expertise in various specialist areas over the years. These include timber and hybrid construction, alpine construction, property development, construction of sport and leisure facilities, metal construction, full-service and general contractor construction and environmental engineering.