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Quality is a fundamental component of our corporate principals. Our construction materials and products are subjected to continuous controls, supported by our internal testing facility and our rigourous quality management system. Quality starts with the design, requires optimised construction processes and also includes comprehensive documentation.



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ISO 9001


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ISO 14001


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ISO 45001


27001 DE 2

ISO/IEC 27001

Accredited testing facility

The autonomous, independent testing facility in Austria tests and monitors the observance of norms and quality for:

  • asphalt, bitumen, aggregates
  • concrete and concrete aggregates
  • chemical analyses of water, waste water, soils, problematic materials
  • landfill remediation, earthworks and field tests

The state-accredited testing facility is authorised to create engineering and environmental impact test and monitoring reports.

Focus of the testing and monitoring activities

  • Monitoring of 23 asphalt mixing facilities
  • drafting of initial mixture tests
  • acceptance tests
  • own and third-party monitoring in landfill construction
  • provision of lab containers
  • soil mechanics investigations
  • testing of recycled construction materials
  • in-factory production control as part of CE labelling
  • participation in research projects and development work

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